Cud Skrzydlatego Kuriboh
Yu gi oh gx odc 6
Kanji ハネクリボーの奇跡
Rōmaji Hane Kuribō no Kiseki
Wersja Japońska Miracle of Hane Kuribo
Wersja Angielska The Shadow Duelist, Part 2
Numer odcinka 6
Data premiery w Japonii 10 Listopada, 2004
Data premiery w Anglii 18 Października, 2005
Japoński opening Jindou- "Kaisei Joshou Hallelujah"
Angielski opening "Get Your Game on!"
Japoński ending JAM Project- "Genkai Battle"
Scenarzysta Shin Yoshida
Reżyser Kiyoshi Matsuda
Storyboard (rysownik) Hisaya Takabayashi
Reżyser animacji Fuminori Kawamura
Poprzedni odcinek "Mroczna Talia Demonów"
Następny odcinek "Talia Vehicroidów Sho"

Cud Skrzydlatego Kuriboh jest szóstym odcinkiem anime Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

Streszczenie Edytuj

Judai Yuki Duel with Titan continues, with Jaden collapsing from the stress of the Shadow Game. He sees a bright light, and Winged Kuriboh appears, showing him that the Shadow Game was a ruse. Titan was simply using hypnosis and mind games to make it appear that he was conducting a Shadow Game - but it was all just smoke and mirrors. Jaden tells him to free Asuka Tenjouin and release the other children that had disappeared at the dorm. Titan replies that he doesn't know what Jaden is talking about. Jaden cracks Titan's faux Millennium Puzzle with a card. Titan angers the spirits of the dorm with his false Shadow Game. The Eye of Wdjat appears on the ground and Jaden and Titan find themselves surrounded in darkness, with small shadow creatures threatening to eat away at Titan. Winged Kuriboh protects Jaden.

Titan's eyes glow red, indicating he's been possessed by a spirit in the dorm. He states that the true Shadow Game will begin now (in the English version, he states the Duel has moved to the Shadow Realm). Jaden wins the Duel, and the shadow creatures consume Titan. They free Alexis and escape. At this point, Jaden is still assuming the entire ordeal was an act and that Titan will reappear later. Dr. Crowler arrives at the dorm later to see how the Duel went, but only finds Titan's "Pandemonium" card.